Ulster Unionist Party

Manifesto Analysis


  • The next mandate must be one of delivery by the Assembly and Executive for the LGBTQ community. The UUP priorities includes:
    • Ban the practice of conversion therapy in Northern Ireland
    • Provide fertility services that are accessible to all without discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation
    • Ensure equal access to adoption and/or fostering
    • Introduce universal Age-appropriate relationships and sex-education.



  • In the next mandate it is intended that the Assembly considers further legislation regarding the gambling industry and Ulster Unionists are supportive of this: They will:
    • Establish a Gambling Commission- they believe that a gambling regulator should be established in NI and suggest that the Gambling Commission should have its remit extended to cover Northern Ireland.
    • Limit Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs)- these machines have been shown to be the most destructive form of gambling with recent Gambling Commission research revealing as many as 50% of FOBT players are problem or at-risk gamblers. Northern Ireland currently has no limits on maximum stakes on FOBTs and Ulster Unionists will legislate to limit stakes to £2 in line with Great Britain.
    • Regulate Online Gambling- the UUP intends to ensure further gambling legislation contains measures to regulate online gambling and that self-exclusion schemes and spending cap options are mandatory for bookmakers as in GB.


  • There is nothing explicitly in the UUP manifesto that relates to abortion or assisted suicide.