Marriage + Family​

At the very beginning, God created the family as one of the great building blocks in society. He also established marriage from the dawn of creation, and He officiated at the first ever wedding service. Strong families are foundational to a healthy society. Marriages too are vital, representing the gold standard of commitment. CARE is committed to upholding both.

Our vision is to see society transformed by families being strengthened and more support being given to help couples stay together. We also want to see the current discrimination in our tax system against one-earner married couples with two children ended and marriage made a more financially appealing option for all.

Online Safety

We live in an increasingly digital age. There is no doubt that technology is extraordinary. It brings incredible opportunities but also daunting challenges, especially for children and young people for whom access to harmful online content is only a click or a swipe away.

CARE is committed to protecting the innocence of childhood and we are working towards a society where our young people are as well protected online as they are offline.


Whilst there is no direct biblical command not to gamble, it is far from silent on the topic. In fact, gambling can often lead to or exacerbate traits we are clearly instructed and warned to steer away from, such as greed, the love of money and selfishness.

The Gambling laws in Northern Ireland, until the most recent mandate had not been amended since their implementation in the 1980’s, they failed to take account of internet advancements or changing technology. Simply put they are not fit for purpose. While the most recent changes are welcome they do not go far enough to address the serious issue that problem gambling is in Northern Ireland.

Our vision is to see laws passed that will help protect vulnerable problem gamblers from further harm. We also want to see existing laws strengthened so the gambling industry is brought properly to account.